Guest Room Linen Closet - One Room Challenge Week 5

As I mentioned last week, the biggest remaining to-do in the guest bathroom is the linen closet. This closet originally had a door when we moved in, but we ended up removing all of the closet doors throughout the house. They were metal, barely opened, and were just gross. In this bathroom, I decided that I didn’t want to add a closet door back, and I’d just roll with an open linen closet. That means it actually needs to look nice in addition to being super functional. You might have caught a peek of this currently icky closet on my instagram stories

Guest bathroom linen closet makeover

To be honest we don’t need anywhere near this much storage in this bathroom - don’t punch me for saying that! There is plenty of space in the vanity to store most bathroom things, and the two guest room closets can store things like linens.

For now the plan in here is to paint the inside of the closet and the shelves white, and then paint the built-in hamper the same green as the walls. (Yes, there is a built-in hamper - jealous?) I’ll add baskets and some other containers to corral all of the items that will live in here.

One of the only exciting things on the bathroom front over the past week was my print for above the toilet arriving! I agonized over what to put here, and finally decided on this cool map of Florence print that I found on etsy. Ryan and I have been to (and loved) Florence, AND the map had the color scheme I was looking for - win, win! ;)

Mid century guest bathroom renovation

I’m hoping to have this room fully finished and styled by Tuesday so that I can spend Wednesday trying to take passable photographs of it, and getting the reveal post up. Time to put that nose to the grindstone and get this guest bathroom renovation finished. Make sure you check out everyone else’s One Room Challenge transformations as they wrap things up and head toward the finish line!