A Warm Modern Midcentury Guest Bathroom Reveal - One Room Challenge Week 6

It’s finally here - reveal day for the Fall 2018 One Room Challenge! Did that six weeks fly by or what? I’m thrilled that our guest bathroom is done - it’s the only room in the house right now that is. You can find all of the sources at the bottom of this post, FYI! Before we dive into the reveal of our newly renovated warm modern midcentury guest bathroom, let me take you back to where this room started…


Yikes. I am SO glad to have that photo in the past, and introduce you to our brand-spankin’ new guest bathroom!

Orlando Interior Designer's Guest Bathroom Renovation

Hard to believe that is the same room, right?! I am in love with pretty much every element of this spacious guest bathroom. I really tried to walk the line between modern and vintage, balancing both elements in the space. The stacked subway tile, plumbing fixtures, overhead semi-flush mount, black photo frames, and the round gold mirror all fall on the modern end of the spectrum.

Orlando Interior Designer's midcentury Guest Bathroom remodel
Warm Modern Midcentury Bathroom Renovation

To ensure the space didn’t feel too sterile or cold, I made sure to add a heavy dose of vintage pieces, textiles, and greenery. To me, no room is complete without some greenery and/or flowers, and there is no shortage of those in this bathroom! The hanging planters and eucalyptus in the shower give the space a spa-like feel, and I don’t hate it. This little bathtub stool that I snagged from Home Goods warms up this corner, and it’s the perfect place to set a book and a candle (or, let’s be honest, a glass of wine) while you’re winding down in a bath!

Stool next to bathtub
An Orlando Interior Designer's Guest Bathroom Renovation
Midcentury Bathroom Renovation with Plants

As I mentioned last week, I struggled with what to hang over the toilet. I finally decided to use a modern black frame that matches the other art in the room, and add a vintage map of Florence that I found on Etsy. I love the color palette of this map.

Midcentury bathroom with stacked subway tile

Adding a shower niche was a must for me in here - I hate not having a dedicated place to set toiletries, and on the sides of the tub or in an ugly over-the-shower-head caddy just doesn’t do it for me.

stacked subway tile shower niche
Stacked subway tile shower niche
Bathroom Renovation with hanging planters
Orlando Interior Designer's Guest bathroom renovation with hanging planters
Orlando Interior Design Bathroom Renovation

I wanted to keep the styling on the vanity pretty simple, since there’s a lot going on visually with the hanging planters. These little canisters hold q-tips and cotton balls - two absolute necessities in a bathroom if you ask me! I snagged those little brass shoes from an estate sale I went to the other month, and I am obsessed with them. Don’t be shocked if you see them appear in other places in my house for photoshoots! ;)

On to the open linen closet.

Linen closet organization
Organized linen closet
organized linen closet

Overall I am thrilled with how this room turned out, and participating in the One Room Challenge was a great kick in the pants to actually get one space in our house completed! I love this bathroom, and am pretty jealous of our guests who get to use it. It’s definitely way cooler than our master bathroom (and will remain cooler until we tackle that renovation in 2+ years…).

As always, don’t forget to check out all of the other participants’ room reveals this week - there are some amazing ones for sure.

Orlando Interior Designer Guest Bathroom Renovation with hanging planters and midcentury modern touches

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