A Warm Modern Midcentury Guest Bathroom Reveal - One Room Challenge Week 6

It’s finally here - reveal day for the Fall 2018 One Room Challenge! Did that six weeks fly by or what? I’m thrilled that our guest bathroom is done - it’s the only room in the house right now that is. You can find all of the sources at the bottom of this post, FYI! Before we dive into the reveal of our newly renovated warm modern midcentury guest bathroom, let me take you back to where this room started…

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Guest Room Linen Closet - One Room Challenge Week 5

As I mentioned last week, the biggest remaining to-do in the guest bathroom is the linen closet. This closet originally had a door when we moved in, but we ended up removing all of the closet doors throughout the house. They were metal, barely opened, and were just gross. In this bathroom, I decided that I didn’t want to add a closet door back, and I’d just roll with an open linen closet. That means it actually needs to look nice in addition to being super functional. You might have caught a peek of this currently icky closet on my instagram stories

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The Vanity That Made It Into Our Wedding Vows - One Room Challenge Week 4

Okay guys, as I promised last week - this week is all about the dresser we turned into a vanity for the guest bathroom! We didn’t actually accomplish a ton during week 4 of the One Room Challenge, but I’m gonna attempt to do a quick break down of how the dresser turned vanity came to be!

But first of all - let me jump into story time re: the title of this post….

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Guest Bathroom Paint and Progress - One Room Challenge Week 3

Thanks for coming back for Week 3 of the One Room Challenge! We actually got a lotttt finished this past week, but for the sake of stretching my posts out over 6 weeks, I’m going to focus on the paint and a few other details, and save the vanity for next week!

We started painting this room a couple weeks ago, but then had to mud some additional things, so it actually got finished being painted this week. The paint is Valspar that’s color-matched to Farrow and Ball’s Pigeon (because let’s be honest, we’re already so over budget on this house and I’m not spending $100+ for a gallon of paint right now!) We already had the paint on hand because we’ll be using it on part of our fireplace wall (that’s another project for another day) and I’m just obsessed with it lately. Our kitchen cabinets are actually pretty much this color as well, so I guess you could say I’m feelin’ it for this house!

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Guest Bathroom Tilepalooza - One Room Challenge Week 2

Welcome back for Week 2 of the Fall 2018 One Room Challenge! This week we’re talking tile in our guest bathroom. (Catch up on last week here)

The floor tile in this room has been done for a few weeks - our contractor’s guys laid it when they did the rest of the flooring throughout the house. I went back and forth for months leading up to that about which tile to use in here. I finally decided to search for terrazzo-inspired tiles (a nod to the era the house was built) and that’s when I found my winner.

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