Guest Bathroom Tilepalooza - One Room Challenge Week 2

Welcome back for Week 2 of the Fall 2018 One Room Challenge! This week we’re talking tile in our guest bathroom. (Catch up on last week here)

The floor tile in this room has been done for a few weeks - our contractor’s guys laid it when they did the rest of the flooring throughout the house. I went back and forth for months leading up to that about which tile to use in here. I finally decided to search for terrazzo-inspired tiles (a nod to the era the house was built) and that’s when I found my winner.

black and white terrazzo tile

I love that this tile has (faux) terrazzo detailing, an awesome pattern, and isn’t STARK black and white. Judging by the amount of messages I got about this tile over on Instagram, I think everyone else is a fan too! We chose to use Mapei Warm Gray grout, and it does a fabulous job of just blending into the tile and not distracting from the pattern.

Next up was the tile for the shower surround. We had a bunch of boxes of plain white 3x12 subway tile laying around, so even though it wouldn’t have been my first choice in here…the practical side of me won out. Free tile is free tile, after all. We ended up having it installed in a stacked pattern, and extended it all the way around the room. The edges have a gray bullnose tile, and we went with the same warm gray grout that we used on the floors.

stacked subway tile one room challenge
stacked subway tile niche
stacked subway tile in shower

I also made sure to have a niche put in the shower. There’s nothing worse than having bottles piled up on the sides of the tub, and I personally hate those caddies that hang over a shower head. A niche solves those problems!

stacked subway tile bathroom

So there you have it - the finished floor and wall tile for our One Room Challenge guest bathroom makeover! In case you didn’t get the hint above… we did NOT tile any of this ourselves. I’m more interested in the design part of rooms, not the DIY… and my poor husband tiled more than his fair share of walls at our previous house, and was dreading doing this bathroom. It was worth hiring it out for his sanity! ;)

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