We're Officially Homeowners!

I have some great news to share - we are officially homeowners! After all of the obstacles we had to navigate on the way, we finally signed a million papers today, and have our very own fixer upper! (With very scary landscaping...eeeek)


And boy, what a fixer upper it is. Every time I walk through the house, I remember just how scary it is right now. It's a little overwhelming, but I can't wait to start working on it. We did a final walkthrough with our contractor yesterday, and he let Ryan go to town spray painting everything that's getting demo'd - which is a lot

Don't you love our fancy range & hood?  Ha. 

Don't you love our fancy range & hood? Ha. 

Our contractor is getting started on Monday, and his part of things should take about 4 weeks. We're so excited to get things going, and to start seeing walls coming down!

Now that we've gotten through the insanely painful buying process, it's time for the real fun to start! Stay tuned for a slew of before pictures. 

Won't be needing  this  anymore...

Won't be needing this anymore...