Our Fixer Upper Before Pictures

Welcome to our (currently cringe-worthy) abode! Last weekend we went in and took a ton of pictures before they started demo - and I'm glad we did, because one week later, this place looks totally different! So without further ado, here is a before picture photo dump! Everything marked with an orange "D" is getting demo'd - so you can see, we're losing quiteeee a few walls. Yes!     

As you can see, we have a lot a lot of work ahead of us! Here's a breakdown of everything that's happening to our casa...

  • Demo all walls in the main room
  • Rip out entire kitchen
  • Turn in-law suite back into a garage (sorry mom & dad! ;) ) 
  • Knock out in-law suite bathroom to extend utility room
  • Demo master bathroom 
  • Demo floors in the entire house
  • Repair drywall/ceilings where walls were removed
  • Clear the scary back yard (get rid of all the crazy overgrown plants & vines, remove trees, level ground, lay sod....the list goes on!)  

I feel like there are a million more things, but those are the biggies. Everything on that list except the yard is in our contractor's scope of work. Whew. Soon I'll be posting an update of our reno one week in, and boy are we pumped about how much has been accomplished already! (I'll give you a hint - our walls are g-o-n-e! Insert party horn emoji here!

Hopefully you guys got a good sense of how our house looked on the day we bought it - it's going to be completely different soon enough! Check back soon for week one progress. :)