Homespo Reno - Weeks 4&5 Progress

Well we're over one month into our renovation, and it just now feels like we've turned a corner! Week four was pretty slow and frustrating - a delayed electrician meant that everything else was on hold. The walls couldn't be patched, which meant we couldn't paint, which meant we couldn't lay floors... oooof. So we fell a week or so behind schedule, but we more than made up for that in week 5!

Ryan's awesome sister Courtney flew down last weekend for the sole purpose of helping us with the house! What a gem. We got a ton done while she was here, and we've kept up that momentum going into week 6! (But you'll have to wait for the next post for those details

Here's what we knocked out in weeks 4 and 5...

Cleared Out the Hoarder Shed

Oh, our backyard shed. It was the stuff of nightmares. It's 24' x 8' and basically every single inch of that was packed with crap. Big shout out to the former homeowner for leaving us with all this wonderful treasure to deal with... NOT

It took me, Courtney, and Ryan almost 3 hours to empty it all out. We filled a 30 yard dumpster with all the stuff - it was insane. We were literally scooping it out with a shovel. Let's just say I couldn't be happier this particular task is crossed off the list. It was the worst

The scary before

The scary before

Tossing crap out by the shovelful! 

Tossing crap out by the shovelful! 

Walls Patched

Do you remember all of the holes in our walls from our last post? Those finally got patched, mudded, and sanded, which means we have whole walls (instead of hole walls) again - hooray! 

Got the Guest Bathroom Vanity

Originally we were planning on leaving the guest bathroom as-is. Cleaning the heck out of it, of course, but that was about it. However, it soon became apparent that that wasn't going to fly. It all started with the vanity - the drawers were all janky, and it was absolutely gross.

So we decided to replace that, but when we pulled it out we saw that the bathroom tile didn't extend under the old vanity. That left us with a vanity-sized hole in the tile that our new purchase wouldn't completely fill... which led to us ripping out all of the existing tile. When we were ripping out the tile, part of the dry wall came off, revealing gross mold on the bottom of the walls... which led to us taking out drywall. Aiy yi yi! So our guest bathroom has snowballed from "leaving it alone" to close to a full gut job. Oops! 

For the new vanity, we purchased this antique dresser from Craigslist. We got this vessel sink and this faucet to go with it. Now it's up to Ryan to turn it from dresser to vanity... he just loves when I come up with these grand plans! ;)  

Our Craigslist dresser that will one day be the guest bathroom vanity

Our Craigslist dresser that will one day be the guest bathroom vanity

Painted the Baseboards & Doors

We had to get new baseboards for the house, and all 500+ linear feet of them  needed painting. Enter the lovely Courtney, who painted all of them over two days! She got into a groove and knocked out two coats on every one of them, which we can't thank her enough for!

Courtney in the baseboard painting zone! 

Courtney in the baseboard painting zone! 

We also got all new doors for the house, which we decided to paint gray. The color we ended up going with was Benjamin Moore's Stonington Gray.   

Gray Interior Doors

Cut in with Paint

Again, Courtney was a huge help on this one! She did all of the cutting in on the bedroom side of the house, and Ryan finished up in the main room. That was a huge thing to cross off the list, and made the rolling portion of things (to come in week 6!) go so much faster! 

Those were the big tasks we accomplished over the last two weeks! It's awesome to finally see it starting to look like a house, and the finish line feels like it's finally in sight. Stand by for week 6 updates!