Homespo Reno - Weeks 6&7

Happy First Day of Summer friends! Although it's felt like summer for quite a while here in Orlando, today it's official! 

One year ago today, Ryan and I were leaving for our epic #ItalianCroatianVacation - aka our two-week jaunt around Italy and Croatia. Take me back! 


This year we're laying low, thanks to our new money pit - I mean, house! ;) We got a lot done in weeks 6 & 7, and our house is finally starting to look livable! Woohoo! 

Painted the Entire House

Benjamin Moore Moonshine
Benjamin Moore Moonshine

We finished painting the entire house in one day! I thought it'd be at least a two day project, but having all of the trimming already done really made the rolling fly by. Ryan's grandpa helped us, and the two of them rolled the whole place before lunch. Ryan and I did the second coat that afternoon, and by the end of Wednesday we had a fully painted house! We used Benjamin Moore Moonshine, and painted all the rooms the same color.  

Finished Our Floors

Since we finished all the painting on Wednesday, Thursday we started the floors! We decided to install them ourselves to save money, which we both agreed was a solid choice. We used Nucore Luxury Vinyl flooring from Floor & Decor, and it was really simple to install. 

Nucore Vinyl Flooring
Nucore Vinyl Flooring in Driftwood

We finished the last bit of work on the floors yesterday, so in a little over one week we managed to install 2,000+ square feet of flooring. Not too shabby! 

Nucore Vinyl Flooring Driftwood Oak

Started the Baseboards


Yesterday we started installing our new baseboards. (Barely... we got two 16' pieces in... but still!) They look so awesome - they're nice and chunky, and really finish off the room. I can't wait until they're all in! We plan to make a lot of headway after work this week, so fingers crossed that actually happens. 

We bought our very own nail gun to use for installation, and I see many projects with that baby in our future!

I hope you enjoyed the latest update - we're rounding the bend to the finish line here, and are hoping to start actually living in our house mid-July. So again... fingers crossed on our behalf! ;)