Homespo Reno - Weeks 2&3 Progress

Holy cow - has it really been 3 weeks since our renovation started? Time is flying - but somehow not going fast enough at the same time - since we're anxious for our house to be finished! 

In the meantime, we're trying to enjoy the process. The changes in weeks two and three were a lot less visually dramatic (no knocking down a million walls), but things are moving along all the same. Here's the rundown of where we're at!

Our Garage Door Opens

Garage Door Open

We finally have a garage door that opens! It's the little things. If you'll recall from the before pictures, our garage used to be an in-law suite. We decided to convert it back to a garage, and in a stroke of luck, the garage door and all of the rails needed for it to function already existed! They had dry walled over them when they converted the space, but we ended up only having to pay for labor to have the rails put in place - so much cheaper than having to buy new parts or a new garage door. Whew! We are still sans garage door opener (we're not made of money - ha), and will be that way for the foreseeable future. 

We Got Our Appliances & Farm Sink

Our bath tub... I mean sink. 

Our bath tub... I mean sink. 

One thing I knew I had to have for our new kitchen was an awesome farm sink. We were originally planning on a 30" farm sink, but then our contractor informed us we actually needed a 36" sink because of our cabinet configuration. Holy cow, that's a lot of sink! I feel like this picture doesn't even do it justice - it's truly massive in person. But we loooooveeee it! After a ton of research, we bought our farm sink from Vintage Tub & Bath. It's the Whitehaus Duet Series 36 Inch Farmhouse Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink in the white finish, and was the most affordable one we could find. 

We also purchased our appliances, & two out of three of them have been delivered. We ended up getting them from the Sears Outlet, and went with GE Appliances in a slate finish. I love love love how the slate looks, but thought Ryan would still want to go with stainless, since that was what he originally requested. After seeing the slate in person, he was actually the one who was pushing for us to get those ones! Well, twist my arm... ;) 

We ended up with this range, this fridge, and this dishwasher. (And didn't pay anything near what they're listed for on the site - wooop!) We got pretty awesome deals on everything - the fridge and dishwasher are from the Sears Outlet, and I ordered the matching range online from Appliances Connection. I can't wait to show you guys a picture of them once they're all installed! 

Paneling/Built-Ins Next to Fireplace are Gone

New Dry Wall

On either side of our fireplace we used to have lovely dark paneling with built-in shelves. We decided to have those suckers removed, and thank goodness we did! When the crew took the paneling down, pretty much the entire wall was covered in mold. Cool. So we got some new drywall, and we're in business! That room already looks so much lighter without the dark wood paneling dragging it down. 

Re-wiring the Electric is Underway

Electrical Re-wiring

A couple weeks ago we got our first really bad news call (which Ryan referred to as our Chip & Joanna call... #fixerupperobsessed) - we needed all new electric in our house. UGH. It's something that our inspector (who also happened to be our original contractor who we were NOT a fan of) should have caught. Funny how it can feel like someone is still screwing you over even after they're out of your life!

But I digress... our wiring was all aluminum... aka our house could spontaneously combust at any moment. Perhaps I'm being a tad dramatic - but really, it needed replacing. Replacing to the tune of $6,000. Oooof. The joys of home ownership... and fixer uppers... and renovations...

So the re-wiring started at the end of last week, and should be done this week. Then our contractor will patch the millions of holes that are now in our walls, and we'll be back in the saddle! 

We're hoping to start painting and then laying floor by Memorial Day - fingers crossed that little dream works out for us - ha.