Touraine Project | Great Room Reveal

Hey strangers! My blogging game has been weak lately, but now that we’re (semi) settled into our new house, I really want to get back in a groove with it. What better way to ease in than finally revealing our previous house, aka The Touraine Project?! I’ve shared plenty of glimpses of it over on Instagram (are you following us yet?!) but wanted to dive a little deeper and share it here on the blog too. First up is the biggest - some may even say greatest - room in the house…the Great Room! Which is the catchall term I’m using for our open concept kitchen, living, and dining room area.

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The Best bathroom accessories from Amazon

I don't know about you guys, but in our house we are total Amazon Prime junkies. Why get out of your pajamas and trudge to an actual store when you can get everything delivered to your house. For free. In two days. Amiright?! 

Amazon isn't exactly the first source that springs to mind when I think of house-related purchases, but I realized that almost all of the accessories in both of our bathrooms came from Amazon! Not only do we absolutely love all of these products, but they were all super affordable too - can't beat that! Check out our favorites below.

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