Homespo Reno - Weeks 10&11

I've been putting off writing this post, because SO MUCH has been happening over here the last two weeks! We've got an (almost) functioning kitchen! We've got an (almost) functioning bathroom! Lots of exclamation points are necessary! It really looks like an actual house over here, and I never want to leave. We're shooting for this weekend to start staying here full time, and I can't even wait. 

Kitchen Cabinets Installed

After a few delays, our kitchen cabinets and island finally arrived last Tuesday. The outer cabinets are all white, and the island is gray. We've got drawers, doors, and lazy Susan's a-plenty & I couldn't be any more in love with how it all turned out. The shaker style doors look awesome, and they'll only look better when we put some bling (ahem, hardware) on them. 

Gray Shaker Style Island
White Shaker Cabinets and Farm Sink
White Shaker Cabinets and Farmhouse Sink

Countertops Are IN

I've always been a fan of concrete countertops, and had been torn between those or quartz for our kitchen. When I found out the quartz I wanted would be significantly more dough, the decision was easy. Concrete it was! 

The original plan was to have plain white-ish/light gray-ish concrete counters. That was, until I found out that the guys doing our counters could do so many badass things! I ended up giving them a marble coaster and saying "I want them to look like this!" - and they so delivered. It's truly insane the things they can do with concrete - can you tell I'm kinda impressed? To say I'm thrilled with how our counters turned out is an understatement. They look like marble, but they're way more unique, durable, low-maintenance, cool, etc, etc. I. Am. In. Love!  

Concrete Countertops Marble Look Alike
Concrete Countertops White with Gray Veining
Marble Look Alike Concrete Countertops

Guest Bathroom (Mostly) Finished

Priority number one before we move in is to have a functional bathroom (not counting the port-a potty that's still in our front yard...) so we've been busting our butts trying to get that room finished up! We planked the bottom third of the walls and painted them Benjamin Moore's Simply White. The top 2/3 we painted Benjamin Moore's Dark Harbor. 

We've got our toilet in and working, and just need to scrub the shower and put the finishing touches on our dresser-turned-vanity! 

Benjamin Moore Dark Harbor

Painted the Closet

I suddenly decided that I was dying to paint something in our house black. It's still a neutral, but it adds some draaaama and makes a statement! I started off small, and painted the bottom 2/3 of our master closet Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black. I have no regrets. #PaintItBlack

Tricorn Black Closet
Black Closet

I think Ryan's concerned I'm going to start painting the whole house black now. Not to worry - I only have plans to paint some doors and one of the office walls... so far. ;)   

Moved a Uhaul Worth of Stuff

Last Friday Ryan conned two of his oh-so-lovely co-workers into helping us move. They grabbed the Uhaul and moved over all of our big stuff like beds, dressers, and the couch. It's so nice to be able to sit on our couch again! And to have our bed over here - even if we are still sleeping on an air mattress at the townhouse currently... 

The only things we have left to move over are our day-to-day essentials like clothes and toiletries. Hoorah

Hung Curtains

We got the curtains hung in the two front rooms (and by we, I mean Ryan) and it's amazing what a difference it makes. My office feels so much fancier already. Even though they are definitely nothing fancy - a $20 curtain rod from Lowe's and $25 curtains from IKEA. ;) 

White IKEA Curtains

So that's where we're at! We're actually in the home stretch now, and should be spending the night here in a few days - we can't wait!