Homespo Reno - Weeks 8&9

I know I say it every week, but I can't believe we're done with week 9 of our renovation! We painted, we nailed, and we had some pretty great mail days over the past 2 weeks! So without further ado...

Finished Installing Baseboards

We managed to get all of our new baseboards cut, placed, and nailed. Ryan did the majority of the work on this one - after a foreign object flew into my eye while I was nailing a board in our closet, I tapped out! Good times. We still have to caulk everything and then touch up the paint, but that seems to keep getting pushed down our list. Our new motto seems to be "if it doesn't have to be done before we move in - we ain't doin' it!" 

Nucore Flooring and Baseboard

Our Dining Chairs & Rug Arrived

Having packages arrive is the fun part amidst all the stress and frustration. Our dining room chairs and rug got delivered last week, and we are in loooove! Of course I had to set it all up immediately, even though we're pretty much still in a construction zone. What can I say - my patience only extends so far. 

Copper Cafe Chair Wayfair
Farmhouse Table

Painted Front Window Trim

Since I wasn't helping Ryan with baseboards after the eye fiasco, I bit the bullet and tackled the trim around our front door/windows. It was the last (ugly, poop brown) trim standing, and holy cow we can't believe what a difference painting it white made! The front looks a million times lighter, and I'm happy to have that task crossed off the list!

Benjamin Moore Simply White trim

Hung Our First Light

I swear we've been trying to hang a fixture in our house for weeks, but our efforts keep getting thwarted. It started with the fans... we were gung-ho to hang them, until we couldn't find the blades and hardware. Minor details. Next, we went to hang the closet light... but there are about 12 wires coming out where there should be 3? So until we get the electrician back in there.. no closet light for us! Then there was the overly-gigantic pendant lights I bought for the kitchen. They hung about half way to the floor...Return! Oooof!

Anyway, we finally got ONE lone light fixture hung - one of our flush mount hallway lights. And it only took us about 3 times longer than we anticipated - victory! ;)

Flush Mount Brass Gold Light

Hung Our First Door

I guess we were on a hanging roll this week, because we got our first door hung as well! Ryan successfully got one of our hall closet doors functioning, so that's one down, only about a dozen more to go! 

Worked on Guest Bathroom

You know our new motto I told you about? Well, the guest bathroom is something that has to get done before we move in. We currently have zero functioning bathrooms (unless you want to count the portapotty out front... which I totally don't!)

Ryan repaired the drywall that needed it, and we picked up the planks that we'll be covering the bottom half of the walls with. Shiplap FTW! We're hoping to make major progress on the bathroom front this weekend. 

That's what's been happening over here lately - what do you think? Are you as in love with our dining room setup as we are? Insert Heart Eyes Emoji Here! 

I'm hoping that the next progress pictures I share will have some kitchen cabinets in them! They were delayed, but are supposed to be here at the end of this week (although it's already Thursday, so I don't feel all that hopeful...) That'll be a game changer when they arrive, and I can't wait to show you!