2017 Highlights

Helloooo and happy new year! How the heck did it get to be 2018? I know I’ve been incredibly off the radar with this blog, and in true New Year fashion, I’d like to make more of an effort here this coming year. My word for 2018 is “consistency,” and lord knows there’s plenty of areas of my life that I need to apply those four little syllables to. I plan on making this corner of the internet one of them.

2018 planning

Life got really busy in 2017 (and let’s be honest – the end of 2016 too), and it flew by. One of the reasons I want to write here more this year is in an attempt to remember what the heck happens during the year. It’s truly insane (and scary) how much of my life I just don’t remember unless I write it down.

So speaking of what happened during the year, I want to do a little recap of some of our 2017 highlights…

We got engaged!

Okay, technically that happened in 2016 (December 23, to be exact) but I never talked about it on here so I’m including it. Ryan got down on one knee in our renovated kitchen (which I swear I will show you guys someday soon) and popped the question.

in home engagement photos
rose gold solitaire engagement ring
in home engagement session

We finally painted the exterior of our house

This was a long time coming, and having people visiting for the wedding gave us the kick in the pants we needed to finally get this done. Painting it only took about 5 hours total, thanks to the help of some great friends, and left us wondering why we didn’t just tackle it sooner! I might be a little biased, but I’m pretty sure we went from having the grossest house on the street to the most badass one. ;)

white brick exterior

We traveled

Traveling is something that’s extremely important to both me and Ryan, and despite the craziness of it being “Wedding Year” we made sure to squeeze in some trips. We went to Saint Louis for my bridal shower and for Christmas. I went to Charleston for my bachelorette party and Austin for my friend Brittany’s… we went to Savannah to visit my parents for Thanksgiving, and rounded out the year with a road trip. We hit Atlanta, Saint Louis, Nashville, and Savannah, and drug the girls along with us for the ride. It was fun, and we even got a white Christmas out of it! The hours upon hours in the car weren’t nearly as painful as I thought. Pro Tip: Marry someone you really like and download a bunch of audio books for a smooth road trip. ;)

Austin City Limits Bachelorette Party
Savannah, Georgia
Nashville road trip
Christmas in Saint Louis
dogs in snow

We got married

Speaking of marrying someone you really like – 2017 is the year Ryan and I tied the knot! We made it official on October 20, and it really was one of the best days ever. It’s hard to beat having all of your favorite people in one place (marrying the greatest guy ever didn’t hurt either).

The Acre Orlando wedding
The Acre Orlando wedding

If 2016 was “The Year of the House,” 2017 was definitely “The Year of the Wedding.” Stay tuned for what we’ve got up our sleeves for 2018…